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Review of Yes1-GP 100 AMP 4-Pole Automatic Changeover Switch
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Automatic Transfer Switches

Review of Yes1-GP 100 AMP 4-Pole Automatic Changeover Switch

An automatic changeover switch is one of the most useful and reliable investments a business can make. With a generator in place, along with the changeover switch, business owners don’t have to worry about loss of power during an outage. Business can continue as normal. So, in a nutshell, the automatic changeover switch transfers the essential load connections between...

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Automatic Transfer Switches, Manual Changeover Switches

Automatic Changeover Switches vs Manual Changeover Switches

As a business owner, you are likely well aware of the benefits of owning a generator. A generator can keep operations running smoothly during an electrical outage. Are you confused about transfer switches? Not sure which is best for your business? Purpose of a Transfer Switch The transfer switch makes sure that your business’ energy supply from the utility company reaches...

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Changeover Switches

Manual Changeover Switches

If you are interested in purchasing a manual changeover switch, we can assist. View our online catalogue for our extensive range. A manual changeover switch transfers the power supply from its primary source to a backup generator when there’s a general power outage from the primary source. It is an easy solution to keep the lights and other important...

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