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Automatic Transfer Switches, Manual Changeover Switches

Automatic Changeover Switches vs Manual Changeover Switches

As a business owner, you are likely well aware of the benefits of owning a generator. A generator can keep operations running smoothly during an electrical outage. Are you confused about transfer switches? Not sure which is best for your business?

Purpose of a Transfer Switch

The transfer switch makes sure that your business’ energy supply from the utility company reaches your backup generator. It also isolates the generator from municipal power lines from power surges caused by back feeding. Your choice depends on your building’s electrical demands, current system, and type of business you own. There are automatic transfer switches and manual automatic transfer switches. Both play the same role, but which should you choose for your business?

Manual Transfer Switches

• They cost less. This includes the design, manufacture and installation.
• They are easy to install – no programming needed.
• Manual transfer switches are also easy to maintain.
• Smaller in size – most manual switches are available with a single pole erection. This means there is no need to use unnecessary fixing sets to allow connections. It also helps with the saving of energy by reducing the loss of power.
• As it must be manually switched on, it gives the user complete control over power flow.
• Great for homes or small businesses that don’t require a super-fast transfer to generate power.

• Need to manually switch the generator on.
• The time it takes for the changeover is a little longer. This is also true if the generator is not near the building.
• Not really suited to a larger building needing constant power.

Automatic Transfer Switches

• The automatic transfer switch is suitable for use with permanently installed standby generators.
• The generator will automatically start if there is a power outage. This is highly beneficial for buildings that cannot be without a power supply for any length of time such as hospitals, or businesses operating high tech equipment.
• The automatic transfer switch has built in sensors which will detect any fluctuations in the main power supply.
• Allows a seamless transition from the main source to the generator.

• It costs more to install.
• Installation is complex.
• The automatic transfer switch requires more maintenance than a manual switch.
• It is large and will need more space than the small manual transfer switch.

Both the manual and automatic transfer switch makes the transfer from the main electrical power source to the generator easier, and ultimately safer. Choose a less costly manual transfer switch for homes and small businesses. An automatic transfer switch is best for large businesses that cannot afford even one moment of interrupted electricity supply.

Looking for the most suitable transfer switch for your requirements? Speak to Generator Parts today for advice and guidance.