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Best Circuit Breakers for Home and Office

A circuit breaker is a necessary component for safety in your home and office. Its primary function is to ensure electrical safety. As such, it is specifically designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage that is caused from an over current or an overload or a short circuit. Thus, its basic function is to interrupt the electrical current flow after protective relays identify a fault.

Different types of circuit breakers

We offer a large range of top quality circuit breakers for both your home and business. All our circuit breakers are from top name brands and are designed to provide essential protection to your home or office.

In addition, our circuit breakers are available in different sizes, as well as different capacities. Included in our range are moulded case circuit breakers. These are designed for larger scale systems for system isolation and protection purposes. Not sure which is the best circuit breaker for your home or business? Our experts can provide the information you need.

Circuit breakers we have on offer:

  • The mini 1-Pole circuit breaker – this is available in 6, 10, 20 amps and as either 1, 2 and 3 pole.
  • 63Amp 3-Pole Moulded Case Circuit Breaker – also available as 100 amp, 3 pole
  • 63Amp 4-Pole Moulded Case Circuit Breaker, along with 4 pole, 400 amp, 630 amp, 3 pole
  • ACB 630AMP/4-Pole Air Circuit Breaker – Draw-Out
  • ACB 800AMP/4-Pole Air Circuit Breaker – Draw-Out
  • ACB 1000AMP/4-Pole Air Circuit Breaker – Draw-Out
  • ACB 1250AMP/4-Pole Air Circuit Breaker – Draw-Out
  • ACB 1600AMP/4-Pole Air Circuit Breaker – Draw-Out

Choose the best circuit breaker for your building’s requirement

The circuit breakers on offer are all excellent quality and made to last. An essential product, a circuit breaker is vital for keeping your equipment and building safe from an overload in current or a short circuit.

Choose from a large range – from the smaller circuit breaker, perfect for a lighting distribution system or motor distribution system, right through to the larger circuit breaker used in a business with larger, stronger equipment.

Looking for the right circuit breaker for your home or office? Speak to one of our experts today or Shop Best Circuit Breakers Online.