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Choose the Best AVR’s for your Generator

Best AVR’s to start of the new year. An automatic voltage regulator is a component that is necessary for your generator. What this component does is it maintains a constant voltage level to electrical equipment on the same load. As such, it turns fluctuating voltage levels in to constant voltage levels.

Your generator is an important and essential part of your business. As such, if your generator does not have an AVR, it is unable to meet the power needs of any equipment that is connected to the generator.

Thus, the most important role of an automatic voltage regulator is to automatically regulate your generator’s voltage and keep the output constant at the appropriate level range for your particular generator.  In addition, not only does it help adjust the voltage to the required, safe level, but they also can help with surge protection when the power does come back on.

We proudly offer the best AVRs for your generator. Our impressive selection of automatic voltage regulators range from the small 2K AVR right through to the DVR 2000 Marathon AVR.

Each automatic voltage regulator is of an excellent quality, carefully designed and manufactured to last. Furthermore, we offer a range of AVRs that are manufactured by well-known and trusted manufacturers.

Best AVR’s, these include top names such as:

  • Stamford
  • Kutai
  • Caterpillar
  • Engga
  • Marelli
  • Leroy-Somer
  • Mecce-Alte and more.

In addition, we offer a range of AVRs that are exclusive, and cannot be found elsewhere.

Choosing your AVR depends on the type of generator you have. It is also dependent on your generator’s size.

As such, our AVRs are ideal for all sized and type of generator. We can provide the 2 KW and 5 KW AVR for smaller applications like lighting within a building. Also on offer are automatic voltage regulators that are ideal for the larger generator typically used in a facility like a manufacturing business, a hospital and the IT industry.  The largest AVR that we have on offer is the DVR-2000 Marathon AVR.

If you’re uncertain about the right type or the right size automatic voltage regulator for your generator, our experts are available to assist you.

Looking for the best AVRs for your generator? Speak to Generator Parts today for more details.