Find Out More About Rectifiers
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Find Out More About Rectifiers

We offer a broad range of generator parts and components. Shop online and find the component you need. Included in our range of available stock are rectifiers, and their associated components.

The main use of a rectifier is to convert alternating current to direct current. One could say that is rectifier is similar to a one-way valve that lets a current flow in only one direction.

As the main function of a rectifier is to get AC power from DC power, they are used in the power supplies of most electronic equipment. This process is called rectification.

The main component of a rectifier are diodes, which do the conversion from AC to DC.  There are 3 types of rectifiers available, each with different functions. These are half wave rectifiers, full wave rectifiers, and bridge rectifiers.

We offer a range of components to ensure that your electrical equipment can continue to work, and in safety.

These include:

  • Varistors – these are used to protect a circuit from high voltage surges.
  • Rectifier diode assembly kit – this is necessary if a diode in a rectifier has blown.
  • Rectifier assembly base – includes several diodes that are designed and manufactured as one unit for ease of use.

Each of these components are manufactured to the highest standards. Furthermore, they are also available at attractive prices.

There are numerous advantages of our varistors:

  1. they are lightweight
  2. offer a stable performance
  3. offers excellent protection against electrical surges
  4. cost-effective

A rectifier is used in just about all electrical equipment. This includes your cel phone, right through to invertors, UPS’ and more.

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