Fuel Gauges, Sensor Alarms and Flanges
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Fuel Gauges, Sensor Alarms and Flanges

If you need fuel gauges, sensor alarms or flanges, remember Generator Parts. We have the part you need, when you need it. The use of a generator is necessary in our world to keep our business operations running as they should. However, in order to ensure the full potential of the system you are using, you will also need to consider a number of parts. Keeping the generator properly fuelled is a necessity and the following parts are specially designed with economy, reliability and performance in mind.

Fuel Gauges

Without a fuel gauge, it can be difficult to determine exactly how much fuel is left in the tank. A fuel gauge ensures that you will know precisely how much fuel your generator has. These products are all of extremely high quality and are designed to last. You can choose from mechanical fuel gauges, with or without a sensor alarm. The mechanical fuel gauges allow for both level measurement and level display without the need for a power supply.

Sensor Alarms

this will alert you to a low level of fuel in your generator. You can choose from a large selection of sensors including single tube sensors or those that are included in the fuel gauge. A huge benefit of a sensor alarm is that the possibility of your generator running out of fuel is minimised. The sensors are manufactured using materials that prevent it from corroding, ensuring longevity and durability.


Your generator needs a fuel tank. The fuel tank needs a mechanical gauge which is attached to the tank. It can be effectively done using the right flange. For your convenience, you can choose from a 6-hole standard flange, or the welding flange option. The standard 6-hole flange is available in metric or BSP sizes. Made from an aluminium alloy, it is strong and durable and is not susceptible to corrosion. The welding flange is typically used when the tank’s metal is sufficiently thick to allow for welding. While the flange is lightweight, it is extremely strong and once welded to the tank it will not separate easily.

Investing in these products ensures that your generator will operate smoothly and efficiently. There is no need for concern about minimal fuel with our flanges, sensor alarms and fuel gauges.

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