Automatic Voltage Regulators

Have a Look at Our Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) Range

If you have made the wise decision to add an automatic voltage regulator to your list of must-haves, we can assist. An automatic voltage regulator, or AVR, is an essential piece of equipment to get the most out of your generator, and protect your sensitive electronic equipment from surges of power. An AVR automatically regulates the voltage here it turns fluctuating voltage into regular, constant voltage. Bear in mind that if the voltage of your generator is not maintained at a constant, fixed rate, its overall performance can be negatively impacted. This in turn, affects any machinery, equipment or utilities that are powered by your generator.

Choose the right AVR for your needs

Choosing the right AVR is dependent on the type and size of your generators. We have a top quality range for you to choose from. All of our AVRs are competitively priced and all are manufactured from highly respected name brands. These include Kutai, Caterpillar, Stamford, Leroy-Somer, Stamford, MECC-ALTE, Engga and Marelli. Our AVRs are available in either single or three phase units.

Have a look at our extensive range

  • For the smaller generator, the 2KW and the 5 KW AVR are an ideal choice. It suitable for keeping your office up and running while there is a power outage.
  • The CR-8A universal 8AMP AVR, on the other hand, is also small in size and is easy to install. It is both durable and sturdy, making it an ideal choice for receiving a regular voltage supply.
  • The R449GP Alternative Leroy-Somer AVR, along with the WT-2 Engga Automatic Voltage Regulator is suitable for a larger generator. These can be used in a bigger production facility such as a hospital, the information technology industry as well as large manufacturing industries.
  • The DVR2000EGP Marathon Automatic Voltage Regulator is another AVR that we’re proud to offer. It has a large number of benefits and is designed to protect your equipment.

These are but a few of the automatic voltage regulators we have on offer. For more details on how we can assist you with choosing the right AVR for your needs, speak to Generator Parts today.