How to Wire a Changeover Switch to Your Home
Changeover Switches

How to Wire a Changeover Switch to Your Home

A changeover switch is a switch that will transfer your home’s electricity from ESKOM’s power grid to your generator when there is a power failure.

First Steps

  • Switch off the power supply.
  • Decide which household circuits are to be powered, such as a few lights and the fridge.
  • The circuit inlets must be matched with the critical circuits.
  • Remove the knockout that is in the service panel. This will balance the load in transfer switch.
  • Connect the transfer switch’s wires into the knockout hole. Don’t damage the insulation. The label in each wire shows the circuit that it feeds inside the switch box.
  • Attach the conduit coming from the switch box to the main panel.

Attach the transfer switch to the wall using mounting screws. Ensure the closest edge is at least 45 cm away from the service panel. Remove the circuit breaker from the panel box. Disconnect the hot wire lead from the breaker, and then connect the red wire to the breaker that was removed. The breaker can now be reinstalled.

Connect the black wire to the old feed wire. The black wire should be from the identical transfer switch circuit. At the end of it, tuck the wires out at box edge. Move to the next circuit. Repeat the process. Connect the red leads to the double-pole breaker. This is assuming any of the critical circuits are 240 v. Connect the neutral white wire from the transfer switch to the neutral bus bar. The bar is found on the service panel.  Attach the green wire from the transfer switch to the open port, which is found on the grounding bar, on the service panel.

And the installation is complete!

You have now completed the installation. Put the cover back on the panel box. Bear in mind that the circuit map which is on the transfer switch must be completed.

Speak to Generator Parts about installing a transfer switch for the safe and effective use of your generator.