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The negative impact of load shedding

Load shedding has become a way of life in South Africa. Businesses and personal households alike need to plan around load shedding schedules that can leave areas without electricity for hours, sometimes even days, at a time. Naturally, there are several negative consequences of load shedding that affect individuals, businesses and the region or country as a whole. Businesses lose valuable operating hours during which they could be manufacturing products, performing services and making sales. This is especially dire for businesses that rely on a lot of electrical equipment to operate. There are also risks for households and individuals; when load shedding occurs, there is a large percentage of the population left without basic needs such as running water, heat and light. Food spoils in unpowered fridges, water cannot be pumped from reservoirs or heated for drinking or bathing, and there are safety risks as many are likely to forget to turn off electrical appliances after the power is cut. When power returns, electrical appliances at home or at businesses that were left on can cause shortages, run without supervision and cause damage, and furthermore waste electricity unnecessarily.

Combat the negative impact of load shedding with an generator

At Generator Parts, we supply generators from leading international and local brand names. A generator is an essential addition to a business’s inventory if they want to remain operating during load shedding. Even a small generator can allow a business to stay operational by powering the most essential tools, appliances and tasks, but larger capacity generators may be more beneficial for businesses that use a large variety of heavy duty electrical tools. At Generator Parts our generators are affordable and available in a range of different capacities, to suit usage requirements from small homes to large industrial facilities alike. Our generator products include models and spares from brands such as:

  • AC Generators,
  • Dingol,
  • EvoTec,
  • Deep Sea Electronics,
  • FAWDE,
  • and our own Generator Parts house brand.

Generators and generator spares for all needs

If you already own a generator but want to repair or upgrade it, we also offer generator spares and parts for many different makes and models. For a comprehensive and affordable selection of generators and generator spares, contact Generator Parts today.

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