Changeover Switches

Manual Changeover Switches

If you are interested in purchasing a manual changeover switch, we can assist. View our online catalogue for our extensive range. A manual changeover switch transfers the power supply from its primary source to a backup generator when there’s a general power outage from the primary source. It is an easy solution to keep the lights and other important systems powered during a power outage, and will allow you to keep your business running.  It is an easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective method for business owners to ensure safety, security and continued productivity.

What we offer:

We have a range of manual changeover switches to meet your specific requirements. Our transfer switches are part of the YGLZ series, and play an essential role in keeping critical electrical load functioning during power outages. The YGLZ series meets the IEC60947-3 and GB14048.3 standards. It is small and as it also has a compact design, it is easy to install. The YGLZ series manual transfer switches are competitively priced and when installed correctly, will provide many years of service. The YGLZ series that we have on offer ranges from 125 Amps up to 3150 Amps. Have a look at our online catalogue to help you make your decision. Choose from the following manual transfer switches:

  • YGLZ-160 3-POLE 160AMP manual transfer switch
  • YGLZ-250 3-POLE 250AMP manual transfer switch
  • YGLZ-400 3-POLE 400AMP manual transfer switch
  • YGLZ-630 3-POLE 630AMP manual transfer switch

These are the benefits of a manual transfer switch:

  • It is more affordable than the automatic manual switch
  • Manufactured from high quality materials
  • Quick and easy to install, and use
  • Added safety feature where it isolates the main power supply from the building and the standby generator power from the main power lines.
  • No control cables needed, only the electricity supply cables.
  • Helps you save on the consumption of energy by reducing power loss.

Remember, if you need assistance with choosing the right manual transfer switch for your application, we are here to assist. Make use of our handy WhatsApp number for advice, support and queries. Choose a top quality transfer switch for the safe and effective use of your generator.

If you need assistance with manual transfer switches, speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team today.

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