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Generators are a convenient way to keep the power running during electricity outages. If you’re running a factory or manufacturing plant, they’re an essential part of your production process. But even at home, you don’t want a power surges frying your precious electricals. A power generator that automatically switches on and off is helpful, both for maintaining consistent power supply and for protecting your equipment. But during use, many parts wear out, and buying spares can be tricky. How can you be sure you’re getting quality? By purchasing from a reliable supplier like us, Generator Parts.

Early warning systems

Water and oil don’t mix, and when water gets into systems where only oil should be, bad things happen. That’s why our MGS – 250 Mechanical Gauge with Sensor Alarm is a top seller. We have it in multiple sizes (120mm to 300mm). It detects any water present in your tanks. The gauge fits standard size tanks, threading itself into place. If your tank has no attachment port, you can buy standard six-hole flange, or buy a weld-flange if your tank is metallic. The alarm rings to alert you to water levels, so if it’s an oil or fuel tank, you want all water out. But you can also use it in water tanks, to let you know when the water is too low and needs refilling.

Keeping things cool

Generators create electricity, and with all those moving parts, your equipment will emit a lot of heat. It’s why your fans wear out the fastest, so they’ll regularly need replacement parts. Our FSH fans are cheap and long lasting, so you won’t have to buy them as often as other brands. They cool your machinery by pulling in air from the surroundings. Our fans come in different sizes (101 and 102) to provide an exact fit on the spinning shaft and avoid accidents. Tighter fits also minimize vibration, which could damage your equipment. Plus, we have a convenient online store so you can order anytime! For your reliable supply of Generator parts and spares, Shop online or conact Generator Parts today on 011 749 3086 /

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