45-0588 DROOP KIT CT600

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The 45-0588 ACG droop kit unit is compatible with the HC5 Stamford Alternator.  It can be installed in the alternator to allow synchronous generators to run in parallel so that loads are shared among generators and alternators in proportion to their power rating. The frequency of a synchronous generator or alternator is directly proportional to its speed. When multiple synchronous machines are connected in parallel the frequency is fixed by the grid. The individual power output of each generator will be small compared to the load on a large grid. Synchronous generators or alternators connected to the grid run at various speeds but they all run at the same frequency because they differ in the number of poles.

Benefits of using a 45-0588 ACG Droop Kit

It is far cheaper to buy another generator than replace a single unit with a larger unit when the power requirements rise. As a company grows and the need for power increases it is easier to just add another generator to the grid. The droop kit allows multiple units to run synchronously. Another benefit is that units can be taken out of service for routine maintenance without any disruption of the power supply. All machines need routine maintenance to run efficiently and having only one unit will put the engineers and technicians under pressure to finish the job or to delay it. If a unit breaks down there is no problem it can be taken out of the grid and repaired.

Characteristics of the 45-0588 ACG Droop Kit

Each of the generators or alternators works at its optimum level.  This saves money on fuel and wear and tear on the machine. If one machine is take out of parallel the other machines compensate for the loss of power. The unit is easy to install and reasonable affordable to purchase. They are readily available and can be purchased using the manufacturer name and model of the generator. You can purchase as many of the kits as are needed and buy subsequent units with each new generator. Order your 450588 ACG Droop kit from IEP Power Products today.

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