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In any engine be it a generator or a vehicle there is a need to supply the ignition unit with clean fuel that is uncontaminated with dirt or rust. The tolerances of most modern combustion engines are so fine that even a speck of dust can inhibit fuel flow. There are many contaminants that can get into the fuel such as paint chips and dirt that is knocked into the tank while filling or rust that is caused by moisture in a steel tank. If these substances are not removed before fuel enters the system they will cause rapid wear and failure of various parts of the system. Tiny particles can cause abrasive action on high-precision components. Fuel filters allow the fuel to be more efficiently burnt.

Maintenance of fuel filters

Most modern fuel filters are maintenance free and need replacing as they are usually made from filter paper which is contained in a cartridge. The entire cartridge is designed to be replaced and is thus both cost effective and time saving. Older types of fuel filters were designed to be cleaned but this was a timeous and delicate procedure. Replacing a fuel filter is very easy as disconnection from the fuel line is simple. The fuel filter needs to be changed at regular intervals as it will clog with contaminants and particles which cause a restriction in fuel flow. This can cause an appreciable drop in engine power as the engine struggles to draw enough fuel to continue running normally.

Benefits of an ACG1000-0001 fuel filter

Regularly replacing the fuel filter will ensure that no matter the quality of fuel in your generator fuel tank your genset will always have clean fuel available. This is particularly crucial where there may be a question of the quality of the fuel. Most generators are standby plants and therefore sit for an appreciable length of time with little work. Contaminants can accumulate in the fuel tank and on operation can be sucked into the fuel system which can cost delays in power supply. Order from Generator Parts today.

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