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The best generator is only as good as the battery that starts it and without a fully charged battery you could be left powerless. The battery charger is an electronic device that uses ac mains supply to charge the generator’s battery. The battery supports the engine cranking process when required. The battery charger is a compact and easy to mount unit to enable ready integration in a wide range of genset configurations. The prime mover uses a 12 Volt starter motor. Battery failure is one of the most common reasons emergency generators fail to start. The generator set is stationary most of the time and the engine mounted charging alternator will therefore not run sufficiently to ensure the starter batteries are charged for rapid and reliable starting.

Making sure your generator will start

Fitting a battery charger to the generator set is the only way you can be sure you will have power when you need it. The unit is a separate static battery charging system which will ensure the battery remains full at all times. A good battery charger needs to be capable of delivering energy into a fully discharged battery without damaging the battery. It should be capable of returning the fully discharged battery to its ampere hour rating within 24 hours. The charger must be permanently marked with allowable range of battery unit capacity, nominal output current and voltage. This will inform users of the strength of the battery and will also allow them to obtain replacement batteries if needed.

Characteristics of battery charger in generator sets

The charger should be durable and have a long life. The battery charger can be mounted on the generator set which reduces space and provides the highest reliability emergency power connection to the charger. It should be equipped with all necessary fuses, control power transformers and any alarm circuitry that is deemed necessary. Output voltage and ampere options should be prominently displayed for matching chargers to generators. It is very important to have the right size of charger for your genset. If it is too small you may not get te required charge to start your generator.

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