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Generator sets are operated in parallel to improve fuel economy and reliability of the power supply. Economy is greatly improved with multiple parallel generators by selecting only sufficient generators to carry the load demand at any given time. By operating each generator near its full capacity fuel is efficiently utilised. The power system is reliably improved by availability of generators not in use as backup for units that are on line. In addition, protective systems can be designed to detect faulty elements and isolate them from the correctly functioning part of the system while maintaining sufficient power to the equipment. With multiple generators carrying the load a single generator that develops problems is not significant and it can be removed and repaired without loss of power.

Use of a BCZ-002 DROOP CT

The droop current transformer is necessary where a series of generators run in parallel. The load needs to be shared equally amongst the generators without drawing excess power from one unit. The droop CT allows for loading on the generators to be controlled. The generators are commonly provided with equipment that allows each machine to operate at the same percentage of load on the total system. The droop Ct allows the engine speed or alternator voltage to decline by a predetermined percentage of the output range as the load increases. To function correctly the generators must have the same no load frequency and voltage when disconnected from the system.

Benefits of using a BCZ-002 DROOP CT

The unit is compact but very robust and will ideally run with an AVR which will control voltage and current output. Droop compensation is set as a percentage drop of the nominal voltage for maximum reactive power generated. The droop compensation is a control technique designed when the generator is connected to the grid. A set of generators cannot run in parallel without a droop current transformer as the units will be producing differing amounts of current and voltage and will not be able to run efficiently. Units will prove to be effective and efficient with a droop control. Order a BCZ-002 Droop CT from IEP Power Products today .

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