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The rectifier assembly is a collection of diodes in equal numbers of forward and reverse biased diodes. These electronic devices allow the electrical current to flow in one direction only. Because of this electrical property, diodes are used to convert alternating current electrical energy into direct current electrical energy. Electric current passes through the rectifier which is made up of six or more diodes and converts or rectifies the current. As the diodes only allow the electrical current to flow in one direction it acts as a check valve. In a generator the alternating current cannot be used as the equipment requires direct current and the rectifier assembly permits only one phase of alternating current to flow thus effectively converting it to direct current.


Diodes begin conducting electricity only if a certain threshold voltage is present. The voltage drop across a forward biased diode varies only a little with the current and is a function of temperature allowing the diode to be used as a temperature sensor or as a voltage reference. All diodes rectify but the term is normally used for higher currents and voltages. Most diodes today are made of silicon but other materials such as selenium and germanium are sometimes used.


One of the important uses of diodes is to prevent circuit damage due to back electromotive force. This is a momentary change in the direction of the flow of electricity when components such as generators are switched off. The diodes are marked in colour code and writing with their individual voltage and current tolerances. A rectifier is made up of a number of diodes that have been designed and manufactured as one unit for ease of use. This allows the user to replace a faulty rectifier with one that has identical properties. Diodes are available in kits but it is far easier and safer to replace a blown rectifier with one that is purpose made for the machine. Order a RSK1101 base – rectifier assy IEP Power Products today.

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