RSK2001GP Rectifier Assembly Diode Kit

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A RSK2001GP Rectifier Assembly Diode Kit is necessary if a diode in a rectifier has blown. This kit saves immensely on the price of a new rectifier as it supplies only the six diodes and a surge suppressor. The RSK2001 series diode kit is made for Stamford Generators PC144, SC2, SC3, UCI244 and UCI274 models. To establish that one or more diodes on the rotating rectifier assembly have blown a multimeter will be necessary. Disconnect each diode at the terminal end and check the forward and reverse resistance. The rectifier assembly is split into two plates, positive and negative, and the main rotor is connected across these plates. Each plate carries 3 diodes for the positive plate and the negative plate.

Characteristics of the RSK2001GP Rectifier Assembly Diode Kit

The diodes are clearly marked positive or negative and care must be taken to insert them into the correct plate. The diodes should be fitted tightly into the plate to ensure a good mechanical and electrical contact. The recommended torque tightening is 4.06 to 4.74Nm. The surge suppressor should also be replaced. This is a protection device which prevents high voltage transients from damaging the main rectifier diodes. High voltage transients are created by fault conditions in the distribution system. A good surge suppressor should have a very high resistance to be effective.

Benefits of the RSK2001GP Rectifier Assembly Diode Kit

The replacement diodes and surge suppressor are far more reasonably priced that a rectifier and can be changed easily. A diode is a two terminal electric component that conducts current primarily in one direction. It has a low resistance in one direction and a high resistance in the other. The semiconductor diode, which is the most commonly used type, is a crystalline piece of semiconductor material connected to two electrical terminals. The first semiconductor diodes were developed around 1906 but have been refined and developed into the high quality units used today. These sophisticated units are mostly made of silicon but some are manufactured from other materials such as selenium and germanium. These units are in effect a failsafe to prevent expensive damage to more costly components.  Order an RSK2001 diode kit from Generator Parts today.

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