12V Push Pull Solenoid 2 Wire
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Quality Solenoids for Optimum Performance

A generator needs a quality solenoid in order to function correctly. Each generator uses a different solenoid that is specifically designed for that particular model generator. Every engine needs a solenoid so that the starter motor can transfer power to the main generator engine. How it works is that it takes a small electrical current from the battery and uses it to get the engine to operate. The function of a solenoid is similar to the one used in a radio. However, the radio uses an electromagnetic solenoid rather than a semiconductor as in a generator to perform the switching.

In your generator, the solenoid is typically controlled by the generator control panel. When you press the start button, a small electric current runs through the solenoid. This then makes the solenoid close a pair of heavy contacts and relays a large electric current to set the engine in motion.

Different types of solenoids on offer

We’re pleased to offer a number of different solenoids to our customers. While a solenoid is a relatively small component, they are an essential part of the smooth running of a generator.

You can choose from a 12V solenoid or a 24 volt solenoid, depending on the size and requirements of your battery. Without the solenoid, the battery power is insufficient to turn the motor of your generator and it will not start.  If you are uncertain about the best choice for your needs, speak to our experts. You are also welcome to make use of our handy online Whatsapp function if you have any queries.

The right solenoid is necessary

In today’s world, an alternate source of power is essential to keep your business running. Your generator can be your life saver during times of no power. The solenoid is an essential piece of equipment that can ensure your generator functions as it should. It is prudent to invest in the right solenoid for your generator.

The solenoids that we have on offer are cost-effective. They are also easy to replace when necessary. Moreover, they are a high quality product, durable and promote longevity.

If you are looking for a high quality solenoid for your generator, speak to Generator Parts today for assistance or Shop Online for Quality Solenoids.