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SmartGen Battery Chargers Benefits

Did you think that all generator battery chargers are created equal? There is a battery charger range that will provide the performance you expect, when you expect it. Let’s have a look at SmartGen battery chargers, and their many benefits.

Your generator is only as good as the battery that starts it.  If your generator’s battery has run flat, your generator will not have enough power to start. A SmartGen battery charger is an electronic device that uses the ac mains supply to charge your generator’s battery. What it does is support the engine’s cranking process when it is needed. Battery failure is the most common cause of a generator failing to start. It is essential to keep the generator’s battery fully charged to ensure that the generator can be used when it is needed. The best way to ensure this is to have a top quality battery charger fitted to the generator set.

A good battery charger is one that can return the fully discharged battery without damaging the battery. Additionally, the charger should be durable and have a long shelf life. Moreover, it is essential to have a battery charger that is the correct size for your genset. If it is too small, you are unlikely to get the right charge to start your generator.

How a SmartGen battery charger can benefit you:

  • The SmartGen battery charger is suitable for medium to heavy duty applications. It is designed to charge most 24V systems rated between 55 and 100 ampere, regardless of their application.
  • The SmartGen battery charger automatically charges your generator battery. This is especially useful for those who do not have the time or are likely to forget to manually charge the battery.
  • The battery chargers are small, lightweight and highly efficient.
  • SmartGen battery chargers are both affordable and good value for money.
  • The SmartGen 12V battery charger is suitable for conventional lead acid battery types. These include SMF flooded (Calcium), AGM/F flooded as well as gel batteries.
  • Our SmartGen battery chargers are easily available through our online shop.

Don’t get caught in the dark because your generator won’t start Shop SmartGen Battery Chargers Benefits. Rely on the power and efficiency of a SmartGen battery charger.

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SmartGen Battery Chargers Range

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