SMA3000-0010 Genset Controller
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SmartGen Controllers

We are pleased to offer excellent quality SmartGen controllers, suited to your needs. You can choose form the HAT 530, the HGM 410, the HGM 420, and the HAT 560 N. They are used for gen-set automation, and are also a monitor control system of a single unit. The controllers can achieve automatic start/stop, data measure, alarm protection and three remote, such as remote control, remote measuring and remote communication. Rest assured, these controllers are reliable and durable. When they are configured correctly, they give your generator effective operation, precise monitoring of operating parameters and a large number of protection capabilities.

Choose only the best

This series of SmartGen controllers combine digitalisation, intelligence, and network technology. They can operate in extreme temperature conditions as they have either a vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) or liquid crystal display (LCD) as well as the components that resist extreme temperature. The generator controllers have a strong resistance to anti-electromagnetic interference. Moreover, maintenance and upgrading is easy due to the plug-in terminal.

What it does

Once the controller is logged in a cloud server, it can upload the data information – and this includes GPS positioning site, and altitude – at real-time to the corresponding cloud server. The gen-set running status and event log can be monitored and checked at real-time by a mobile app (using either IOS or Android), or PC similar terminal device. It is suitable for various AC systems. They have a modular design, a retardant ABS plastic shell, as well as a pluggable terminal. This includes built-in mounting, a compact structure and it is easy to install. If you are interested in an excellent quality SmartGen controller, we would be pleased to assist you. Purchase what you need online, and we will gladly deliver your products to your door.

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