Top Sellers at Generator Parts
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Top Sellers at Generator Parts

We’re proud of our range of top-quality products available to all our customers. We offer a range of products that are ideal for all your requirements, from AVRs, battery chargers, changeover switches, genset controllers and more.  These are among our top sellers and the reason is easy to understand. Each product on offer is a high-quality product and is also affordably priced.

Our top sellers at Generator Parts:

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  • Automatic Changeover Switch (ATS): An ATS automatically switches your electrical load between utility power and a backup generator. It comes in 3-pole for single-phase or 4-pole for three-phase applications, ensuring seamless transition during power outages. All of our automatic changeover switches are made to the highest standards. In addition, they are compact and include features such as short circuit protection and phase rotation protection.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR): An AVR maintains consistent voltage output from your generator. Popular brands like Stamford AVR ensure your electronics receive stable power by regulating the generator’s excitation current. We offer both half phase and brushless AVRs. Top names included here are Stamford, Kipor, Leroy-Somer, and Marathon.
  • Battery Charger: This device keeps your generator’s starting battery charged and ready. It supplies the necessary current to maintain a healthy battery, allowing for reliable generator startup. We offer both the 12V 6 Amp and the 24V 3 Amp battery charger.
  • Genset Controller: The brain of your generator setup, a genset controller monitors and manages various aspects. It can start and stop the generator based on power needs, communicate with the AVR for voltage regulation, and provide vital engine and operational data. On offer is a large range of excellent quality models. These include different sizes and capacities as well as Genset controller with Cambus.

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