Automatic Changeover Switches
Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatic Changeover Switches

An automatic changeover switch is more commonly known as an automatic transfer switch or ATS. It is an efficient way to ensure that there is continuous power in a factory. This electrical switch can turn the incoming power from mains to the generator as soon as it detects the voltage and current drop. If there is no backup generator during a power failure, production will come to a halt. The automatic changeover switch can also command the backup generator to start. It will automatically close all connections with the mains power before it allows the generator power through the system. This is to prevent any feedback down the mains line.

Benefits of an automatic changeover switch

No power supply company can guarantee that their power will never break down as there are many reasons for power outages. If you are totally reliant on a constant power supply to keep a business running, then you require a backup generator capable of running all essential machinery. This ensures that you are relatively independent of mains power in an emergency. Homes that rely on power for heating and cooling should also have a backup unit. The automatic changeover switch has been designed to be a safety measure by isolating the mains electrical lines.

Technical aspects of an automatic changeover switch

Each unit is specific to a certain size and power output of a generator and must be selected with this in mind. If the unit is too small for the generator it will most likely burn out. It is designed to be strong and durable and must be fitted by a qualified electrician. Automatic changeover switches are often time-delayed to avoid the generator being turned on when there is a momentary lapse in power. To recap, you require an automatic changeover switch for the following reasons:

  • Switches the incoming power from the main lines to the generator.
  • Isolates the mains for safety precautions.
  • Can even send a command prompt to turn the generator on.
  • Ensures continuous power during a power failure.

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