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This unit is manufactured to the highest standards and is small in size and easy to install. The running parameters can easily be adjusted to suit the user’s requirements. It has a rated current of 250 Amps with 3 poles. This manual transfer switch switches a load between two sources. With the manual switch the operator needs to throw the switch to change to the generator in times of power fluctuation or failure. The installation of the manual switch can target essential items with a pre-designated circuit. This will keep critical machinery or lights and heating or cooling running.

Features of the 250 Amp 3 pole manual transfer switch

An easy to use mechanical slide interlock ensures that only one source is powering the emergency circuits and prevents duplication of energy sources. The manual transfer switch can be installed indoors or outdoors with the appropriate environmental rating. When properly installed the transfer switch provides an easy means for transferring power to an alternate source. It includes features such as short circuit protection and phase rotation protection. The frequency is either 50 or 60 Hertz and is adjustable by the user.

Benefits of using the 250 Amp 3 pole manual transfer switch

The primary benefit of a manual transfer switch is the lower cost to design and manufacture. It is also smaller in size than an automatic transfer switch and much easier to install and maintain. The 250 Amp 3 pole unit is ideally suited for use in areas where there is an infrequency of power failures. With a manual switch the user needs to start the generator manually before being able to switch the power over. The automatic transfer switch is far more intricate and will start the generator and switch the power over by itself when it detects a loss of power or voltage. When the mains power returns it will switch off the generator and restore mains power. The automatic units are more expensive and need a qualified electrician to install it.

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