The Future of Load Shedding
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The Future of Load Shedding

Load shedding is our new normal. Be that as it may, it remains extremely frustrating to continue with business as usual. Production is interrupted – often for hours at a stretch. Many businesses are comprised as their security systems won’t work without a constant flow of electricity. Load shedding is a frustrating time for all. However, a generator can help keep your business operations flowing smoothly when the lights go out.

Face the future of load shedding with the following excellent quality products:

  • A generator provides a great source of backup power when the electricity source is compromised. With a generator, you’ll remain connected when you need it. Most of businesses embrace the digital age and use computers, routers, card machines and more for daily operations. A generator ensures that all these can remain connected when there is an interruption in power.
  • With a generator in place, your customers can continue their shopping undisturbed. Many consumers simply leave the place of business when the power fails. However, the instant switchover to a generator ensures they’ll stay and complete their business.

We’re proud to offer a range of top quality generators that can help keep your business moving – no matter how long the load shedding session.

In order to ensure maximum performance from a generator, it needs a number of components. We’re happy to assist.

  • Your generator will need an automatic changeover switch so that you don’t have to manually turn on your generator when the power fails.
  • Another important component is an automatic voltage regulator. What this does is keep the flow of electrical power from the generator to your machinery constant.
  • A generator needs a battery to get it up and running.
  • At the same time, you’ll also need a quality battery charger to ensure that the battery never runs flat.

All these quality items are available through our online shop. While load shedding is now a part of our daily lives, we can continue with business as usual, thanks to a top range of generator parts and accessories.

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