Fuel Gauges, Sensor Alarms and Flanges
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Fuel Gauges, Sensor Alarms and Flanges

You can find the best quality fuel gauges, sensor alarms and flanges when you browse our site. These items are necessary to ensure your generator continues to operate as it should.

Different gauges

A generator runs on fuel. Thus, being aware of how much fuel or oil is available means you can budget correctly and know exactly when the tank needs topping up. It is also beneficial to add a fuel gauge that combines a sensor alarm. In this way, you can conveniently be alerted when the level is low.

We offer a range of fuel gauges of different sizes, each ideal for your generator. These are available in different sizes and include optional flange mountings that are either a standard 6-hole flange or a welding flange. This means that the gauge can be fitted to just about any tank that is available today.

Furthermore, the gauge can be fitted with a sensor alarm, which alerts the operator when the liquid level is low. The gauges are also suitable for varying temperatures, such as between 45 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius.

Temperature Sensors

A range of temperature sensors is also available through our online store. A temperature sensor will alert the operator when the temperature is higher than what is required. It is manufactured from brass, and offers a protection rank of IP67. It provides a temperature response time of a minimum of 3 minutes after the power supply is electrified. In addition, the switch turns off when the temperature rises too high.

Pressure Sensors

We also offer pressure sensors, including the KE21107 Pressure Sensor range. The sensors are designed for measuring and monitoring the pressure of diesel, oil and other non-corrosive liquids. They offer excellent anti-vibration performance, longevity, ease of assembly, and a wide range of operating temperatures. Each has the protection ranking IP66.


The welding flanges help to securely attach the mechanical gauge to the fuel tank. Further, we offer a 6-hole flange that can be screwed, rather than welded, onto a tank made from materials other than metal. The flange is made from an aluminium alloy which ensures its strength and corrosion resistance.

To find the right product for your specific requirements, speak to Generator Parts today.