New Range of AVRs
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New Range of AVRs Available Now

We offer a top range of AVRs – including a new range. An AVR is an essential component for your generator. It helps to maintain a constant voltage level to your electrical equipment that is on the same load. As such, an AVR regulates variations of voltage to ensure the delivery of a constant and reliable power supply. Furthermore, an AVR will help protect your electrical equipment from electrical surges, or dips.

Our range of new automatic voltage regulators are all an excellent quality and affordably priced.

These include half moon and brush type AVRs. ‘Half moon’ refers to the shape of the AVR, whereas a brush type AVR uses carbon brushes to conduct electricity.

The half moon automatic voltage regulators that we now have on offer include:
5KW 3 phase, 6KW 3 phase, 7KW 3 phase, 8KW 1 phase, 10KW 3 phase AVRs.

The brush type AVRs now available include:
GB-160, GB-170, GB-110, GB-130

The different AVRs on offer are suitable for different sized generators. However, each AVR available is a component your generator cannot do without. As an AVR is an automatic component, this saves both time and effort. When the power is cut, it automatically starts, ensuring a smooth, constant flow of power from your generator to your electrical equipment.

Benefits of using an automatic voltage regulator:

  1. Safety: an AVR protects your electrical equipment from electric surges. This is essential for all businesses. An AVR maintains a constant flow of power to your electrical equipment from the generator. Without an AVR, your equipment is at risk. When your equipment is damaged because of an electrical surge, you may have to replace the equipment. An AVR can help prevent this from happening.
  2. Keeps the voltage output under control: will help to keep the generator functioning the way it should, and will ensure its longevity.

Our new automatic voltage regulators are an ideal component to ensure that your business can continue running smoothly during power outages.

For more details about our new range of AVRs, speak to a friendly member of our team at Generator Parts right away.