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Are you considering purchasing a generator canopy for your generator? Generators have become popular machinery that most businesses and even homes invest in, especially in South Africa where everyone is familiar with the pain of Load Shedding. However, a generator still needs to be maintained and cared for properly. Having a qualified person doing a regular check that it is running properly is a good way to ensure it is maintained. Another option to consider is acquiring a generator canopy. Most generators are outdoors to facilitate the dispersal of exhaust gases, therefor it would be wise to invest in a generator canopy for protection. It not only keeps the weather out but also lowers the generator noise levels. As generators are placed in less than ideal environments, a generator canopy is imperative to keep your generator in good working order. Key aspects of a good quality generator canopy include the following:

  • Weather resistant
  • Sound diminishing
  • Vibration free

You will also want to consider where the exhaust and air intake points are to ensure that the canopy doesn’t cover these areas.

Benefits of using a generator canopy

Besides the above-mentioned qualities, a generator canopy will also protect the generator from collecting dust which could cause damage to the engine. Another aspect to consider is that rodents could cause damage to the generator by chewing through the plastic coating of the wiring. A durable generator canopy is an effective, and better-than-poison, option for keeping pests at bay. Ensure that the generator canopy also includes a secure locking system. This will aid in preventing tampering or interference from unauthorised people.

Technical specifications for generator canopies

There is a wide variety of specifications depending on whether you require a sound suppression canopy or a weather resistant canopy although they are not mutually exclusive. We can supply the perfect canopy and base for any make or model of generator. In addition to a generator canopy, a durable and solid base, usually made from rubber, is needed for the generator to rest on. For durable and reliable generator canopies, contact Generator Parts today.

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