Transfer Switches and Their Benefits
Automatic Transfer Switches, Manual Changeover Switches

Transfer Switches and Their Benefits

A generator can be regarded as an essential piece of equipment for both your business and your home. It is particularly important that your business remains operational, regardless of whether the lights are shining or not.

As with all good equipment, there are various components that enhance the functioning of the generator. One of these is a transfer switch. A transfer switch plays an important role in the smooth operation of your generator. It also keeps it safe.

What it does is it transfers the power from the main source to the secondary source. That said, when the usual power supply is interrupted, the transfer switch changes over from the mains to the generator. This is convenient and saves time.

This offers a huge benefit to business owners as they don’t have to manually change from the mains to the back up generator. As such, there are two types of transfer switches – an automatic and a manual switch.

We are proud to offer a top range of both automatic and automatic transfer switches. All the transfer switches that we have on offer are all of an excellent quality. Furthermore, they are also available in different sizes, suitable for different size and strength generators and power needs.

Transfer switches provide excellent benefits for your business – and home.

  • Automatic transfer switches do not need an operator
  • They are inexpensive, and are excellent value for money
  • Transfer switches ensure that your business operations continue to run smoothly – regardless of when there is a power outage
  • They are available is a huge range of different sizes to meet your business’ specific requirements
  • They ensure safety by preventing dangerous surges

At Generator Parts, we offer both automatic and manual transfer switches that are perfect for your generator. It makes perfect sense to use a transfer switch with your generator. It alleviates the hassle of having to switch on the generator when the mains power is out.

For more details about our available transfer switches, both manual and automatic, speak to a friendly consultant at Generator Parts right away.