4G Cloud Monitoring Communication Module
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Wifi, 4G and Ethernet Cloud Monitoring Communication Module

If you would like to find out more about the WiFi, 4G and Ethernet cloud monitoring communication module, we can assist. It is 4G, which means it fits all kinds of networks. A wireless network communication protocol switch module, it can achieve a gen-set (with SCI) connect to the Internet. This module receives gen-set data from different ports of gen-set controller modules, such as RS485, USB, LINK, CAN or RS232. After which, the data is transmitted to the corresponding cloud server via a 4G wireless network. This is used to achieve the user’s real-time monitoring to running status and searching of running records via App, using either IOS or Android, and PC terminal devices. Users can monitor the generator set operating status in real time. They can also verify the generator set operation records using a mobile application (again, either IOS or Android) or a PC terminal device.

What are other features?

Not only does it monitor the generator set, but also can connect with some digital alarm inputs, in order to monitor the generator set input protection, theft prevention, and fire control. The module has a GPS positioning function. This can upload the obtained longitude and latitude, the altitude information in real time to the corresponding cloud server. There are multiple ports for communication with gen-set. It also offers a wide power supply – DC (8~35)V, and it can direct use gen-set built-in batter. Another feature is that it offers history data upload rest to upload monitoring data to server. This means that history data can be analysed.  The entire system is both lightweight and compact and a self-extinguishing ABS plastic shell. It is also easy to install.

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