SmartGen 24V Battery Charger 3AMP
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Looking for a good quality battery charger? There are a host of benefits to owning a good quality battery charger. Not only are they convenient, but they are fantastic money and time saving devices. A battery charger can be used to charge batteries used for a multitude of applications. We are pleased to offer an extensive range of battery chargers, all of which are top quality, and designed to last.

Choose the right battery charger for your specific needs

The right battery charger is as important as the right battery. From the 24V 10 Amp battery charger, BAC06 12V battery charger 10 Amp, BAC06 12V battery charger, BAC06 24V battery charger, to the 12V Battery Charger Aisikai, you can rely on quality and reliability. With brand names such as SmartGen and Asikai, the battery chargers we have on offer are suitable for a range of different applications. The BAC1203VE battery charger is ideal for charging and maintaining batteries typically used in commercial, industrial and military vehicles and machinery. Its moderately high current enables fast charging without overcharging or damaging the battery. It also includes a temperature override, and it has a high C-rate so it can charge your battery while it is in use. Ideal for or medium to heavy-duty applications, it is often used to charge batteries for cars, 4×4’s, motorcycles and mobility scooters to marine vehicles, aircraft, scissor lifts. It is also ideal for agriculture and industrial applications.

What about generators?

On the other hand, the BAC06 12V, 10 Amp battery charger is better suited to generators. As is SmartGen’s BAC06  12V, 6 Amp and 12 V, 6 Amp battery charger. A battery charger is essential for any generator. It will provide the charge needed to start the generator. With the right battery charger, you won’t ever need to worry about not being able to start your generator. These are well made and are regarded as reliable battery chargers. As an affordable unit, you can have the peace of mind that when the lights go out, you will still have all the power you need.

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