YGLZ-160 3-POLE 160AMP Manual Transfer Switch

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The switch isolates the mains power before allowing the generator power to supply electricity to the home or business.

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YGLZ-160 3-POLE 160AMP Manual Transfer Switch, A transfer switch is an electrical switch that switches the power between two sources. These sources are usually the main electric supplier and a generator. This unit is generally installed near the generator. The switch isolates the mains power before allowing the generator power to supply electricity to the home or business. This is to stop any feedback down the mains line and injuring workers fixing the line. Direct connection to machinery or household appliances could cause a surge of current which would damage appliances. Most modern appliances and electronic equipment is very sensitive to current and voltage surges or drops and the electronic components can easily be damaged.

Benefits of the YGLZ-160 3-POLE 160AMP Manual Transfer Switch

A manual transfer switch is more affordable than the automatic transfer switch. The operation of the unit is very similar to the ATS but requires an operator to turn it on. The operator will also need to start the generator before turning the switch.  If the generator can produce enough power it may power your entire home. If it is smaller then it can be used to power critical systems like the lights, heating and cooling and other equipment that may be necessary. The manual transfer switch is normally connected in the power cabinet of a business or onto the electricity panel of a home.

Specifications of the YGLZ-160 3-POLE 160AMP Manual Transfer Switch

The YGLZ series meets the IEC60947-3 and GB14048.3 standards. The small size and compact design make for easy installation of the unit. This manual transfer switch is made from high quality materials and is manufactured in China. The unit is operated by means of a handle which is installed on the switch. The unit weighs only 1.5 kilograms. The YGLZ series ranges from 125 Amps up to 3150 Amps. The only way to be sure equipment in a business or home is safe from accidental damage through power outages is to install a manual transfer switch with a generator.

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